Lingonberry Jam – a European Superfood


North Americans can thank Swedish furniture retailer, Ikea, for introducing this incredible jam to their customers. Who would have dreamt that lingonberry jam has such extraordinary properties that it is now classified as a superfood. This tart jam, native to Northern Europe, has more antioxidants (compounds that can detoxify your body) than even blueberries and cranberries! It may be the secret as to why so many Swedes have such superior health in comparison to other nationalities. Some of its other benefits include: anti-bacterial and antifungal properties (e.g. against Candida yeast infections), helps heal urinary tract infections (similar to cranberry juice), antiviral properties (e.g. against colds and flus), improves the body’s LDL cholesterol, protects the heart, improves kidney functions, and most surprisingly reduces macular degeneration in your eyes (protects the body against the damaging effects of blue light from computers and cell phones).

This jam is great with Swedish meatballs, poultry such as chicken and turkey, and on top of pancakes. This particular brand of lingonberry jam is from Austria, and has 60% lingonberries, which is quite high in comparison to other jams.

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