Healthy Gluten-free Millet Bread

An American physician recently made an interesting statement: “If you want to look younger, remove the gluten from your diet”. Gluten is a protein that the body finds very difficult to digest, which puts a strain on your body as it tries to break it down and get rid of it. Unfortunately, the American, Canadian, and British diets are loaded with gluten, so your body is continually overloaded, speeding up the aging process.

This remarkable gluten-free bread is made with millet, an ancient grain that has been grown for thousands of years. Its health properties are amazing, as it is rich in niacin (good for healthy skin and your organs); is a good source of beta-carotene; has a low glycemic index (good for reducing the risk of diabetes); is rich in fiber (reduces the risk of colon cancer); it raises good cholesterol levels (good for your heart); is rich in potassium, vitamin A, calcium, and iron; and is a high protein grain.

For those of you who just can’t imagine not eating bread, this is a great alternative. It’s actually healthy bread and its taste is excellent. Give it a try! This particular bread is from a bakery in downtown Brighton, England. Given the high use of gluten in the British diet, it is incredible that a bakery can be so innovative and give consumers a viable alternative. The verdict: the bread sells out every day. It’s a winner for the bakery and the British people!

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