Birmingham – England’s Venice

Birmingham, England

Birmingham is England’s second largest city with a population of 1.2 million. It is 100 miles (160 kilometres) from London, and is a beautiful city to visit. Once the manufacturing powerhouse of the Industrial Revolution, it brought enormous wealth to its inhabitants. Sadly, like many cities throughout England it fell into decline after most of the country’s manufacturing moved overseas. Thankfully, it has undergone a renaissance and is an interesting place to visit. Many would be surprised to learn that it has a 35-mile network of canals, even more than Venice, Italy. Make sure to visit Brindley Place and stroll along the canal, visiting different restaurants and bars. Other sites include: the Jewellery Quarter, the refurbished City Centre, the Gay Village, the Chinese Quarter, St. Philip’s Cathedral, the Bullring Shopping Centre, and Cadbury World (tour a chocolate factory). This city may surprise you!

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