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Vive Hotel, Waikiki, Oahu

Vive Hotel Waikiki

Interior of Junior Suite

Oahu, Hawaii

Photo Published on March 22, 2017 on the website of (an American travel website)

Lumiere Museum, Lyon (France)

Lumiere Museum (Lyon, France)

This museum is in the home of Louis and August Lumiere, the two brothers who are credited with revolutionizing photography and inventing cinematography in 1895 (it is the birthplace of film).


Hotel Lido, Venice (Italy)
Market Square, Victoria (Canada)
Opera House, Paris (France)
Market Square, Victoria (Canada)
Government House, Victoria (Canada)
Amtrak Station, Seattle (USA)

Real Estate Photos

Coal Harbour, Vancouver (Canada)
San Francisco, California (USA)
West End Manor, Vancouver (Canada)

Architectural Photos

Chateau de Chantilly, France
Venice, Italy
Canal in Venice, Italy
Chateau de Chantilly, France
Cluny Museum, Paris (France)
University of Hawaii (Manoa Campus)
Island of Burano (Venetian Lagoon - Italy)
The Pantheon, Paris (France)

Heritage Site & Home Photos

Fan Tan Alley, Victoria (Canada)

Fan Tan Alley

Chinatown, Victoria (Canada)

This alley in Victoria’s Chinatown is the narrowest street in North America.   Once known as “Little Canton”, it dates back to the late 1880’s and was quite a wild and dangerous place to be, as it was the site of opium dens, gambling halls, and brothels.  A glimpse of history from the “Wild, Wild West!”

Barclay Manor, Vancouver (Canada)
West End Home, Vancouver (Canada)
Roedde House Museum, Vancouver (Canada)
West End Home, Vancouver (Canada)
West End Home, Vancouver (Canada)
West End Home, Vancouver (Canada)
West End Homes, Vancouver (Canada)

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